The “Tiffany” Circle Pendant Card

My dear friend began her new career path and life after growing up and raising her son in the Tristate area. But before sending her off it was important to give her a gift that would symbolize her spirit, soul, and journey through all the lives she has “touched” and all the lives she “will touch”. The Tiffany 1837 “circle” pendant a perfect and iconic gift.  As a card maker we always want a “WOW” factor for the card. But as with anything from “Tiffany’s” the “blue bag and box” speak wow before the card!!! So I decided to do the same for the card Keep it simple and mimic the “iconic brand”. So I created the card to resemble the “blue box”, using the same white ribbon as on the boxed gift, as well as a die cut words repeated in white. I focused the details on the words and message of the card and added a (5) mini gems as a simple sparkle.

“Tiffany” Baby Girl Card

Well the season of  brides, babies, weddings are here!!!  I have managed to bring out my creativity in the theme of the classic gift. A baby silver spoon by “Elsa Perrett”! a classic baby gift for every child is born with the greatest wishes of health, wealth, and prosperity. I cut the “paper” dress out from a google image on patterned paper that had the “Tiffany Blue” and Silver colors. The shoes are a die cut with mini crystal gems. The lace on the sleeves , neckline and hemline are a border punch, which I manipulated to look like lace trim. The bows on the shoes are made from leftover twine in my stash. I generated the sentiment by computer and added the threaded button with more leftover twine. Simple elegance and classic.

PHHS Fashion Show 2017

The Pascack Hills High School Fashion 2017 was a great fundraising success. I had the opportunity to be on the Decor Committee and was a Co-Chair of the venue. It was a great great opportunity to foster my creative passions.  The theme was “Coco Chanel” with a focus on the here famous ‘quotes. One of the graduation seniors designed the logo and that was the foundation of everything else we created for the event….. We presented the theme and ur idea board.


By The beginning of 2017, we had the logo and the invitation designed.


Then began the creation of all the items for the stage and the venue. The color of “Tiffany Blue” was the accent color.  The stage the focus of our theme.  Creating something that looked like a “bottle of perfume”

“Top Golf” 50th Surprise Birthday

I began this project them based on the Venue. Simplicity being the focus for it was a “guy” event. I created the base invite with Microsoft Software and Graphic Images purchased from “Shutterstock”.  Purchasing Graphics is the way to go by all means.  In the end, a purchased image is pixelated and can be properly sized. Worth my time two-fold.  I then boxed the based card on top of a moss runner from the garden department which I cut and glued to the cotton a 5X7 box. I purchased digital paper from a few Etsy vendors. It was the only place I could find golf-themed paper.  The personalized Golf Tees are also from an Etsy artist.

Here are the paper links: Digital Golf Papers Digital Golf Papers II


Wax Seal Wedding Card

Wedding card for a very special couple in the family. The Card and the Envelope are a one of kind design created by hand. Metallic embossed papers, hand punched flowers with jewels and pearls in the centers. A wax seal (Custom Seals) created in the same manner of the “Victorian Era”. The Vatican and Royalty was  known for using wax seals on confidential documents that were to be opened only by the precipitant. An old world form of correspondence in the electronic world. A great project…..